This year, the UK hosts the third MANUFUTURE conference at Rolls-Royce’s Learning & Career Development Centre in Derby. The conference will cover the following elements:

    Manufacturing Strategic Research Agenda

    At the conference the High Level Group will present its Manufacturing Strategic Research Agenda.
    Implementation Plans

    A number of technology and sector specific “vertical” action plans and Technology Platforms have already been established or are in the course of preparation. MANUFUTURE goes one step further to address the underlying “horizontal” approaches and enabling technologies that can be applied across the whole sphere of manufacturing. The conference will take the first steps in defining the implementation process for the Research Agenda.
    Sector Specific Workshops

    As the conference is designed to trigger real discussions on research related topics relevant to the manufacturing industry, 5 parallel workshops are being organised. The intention is to provide cohesion between the MANUFUTURE platform and key sectoral platforms. Each workshop will take place in an industrial location and are as follows:
        Aerospace & Advanced Engineering
        Automotive & Land Transport
        Established & Process Industries
        Industries for Emerging Markets and from New Science
        Production Systems

The conference will be high profile, professional and more importantly, functional. It will be facilitated to enable and encourage active and valuable participation from ALL attendees.